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Strain Gauges

Strain Gauges are designed in various configurations to suit varied industrial applications. These Strain Gauges are either foil type or semi-conductor type. These Strain Gauges are very suitable for single, dual and multi axial Strain Gauges measurements. During the production, precision and accuracy are at high priority to ensure that the end products provides complete and highly accurate results. The Strain Gauges can be used to sensor changes in force, pressure, tension, weight, etc. The load cells provided with these Strain Gauges normally run longer than usual.


Load Cells Strain Gauge

Load cells are designed and developed exclusively for those Strain Gauges that are used to measure weight, pressure, torque, etc. by sensing the deformation of calibrated flexure. These load cells for Strain Gauges are compact and highly accurate, which can be readily compensated for wide temperature ranges. Operated with available AC and DC instruments, the load cells are widely used in industrial control systems. The reliable load cells don't alter its reading on thermal expansion. The temperature effects on flexure materials are fully compensated.


Solid Flowmeter

Specifications :
1. Description:solid flowmeter
2. Accuracy:better than 1%
3. Metering Range:4 ~1000 t / h
4. Material Temperature

Specifications Metering Range 4 ~ 1000 t / h Metering Accuracy ? 1% Material Size 10 mm (individual partical can be 30 mm) Material Characteristic powdery non-cohesive substance Material Temperature As low as -40 Function
1. DC-based Impact bulk solids flow meter Available on-line measurement of the flow of bulk materials
2. It is reliable, low prices
3. Has been widely used in food, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, electric power and other industrial processes bulk solid materials in a variety of measurement and quantitative control of
4. With bucket elevator, belt feeder, vibrating feeder and the rotary valve used in conjunction. Systems for a variety of ingredients.

Features :
1. The ambient temperature down to -40
2. Dust-proof structure
3. Powder, granular and lump materials can all appliance
4. Accuracy better than 1% 5.A high degree of reliability and minimal maintenance work
6. Small size, light weight, accounting for less space
7.The table with the Flow Totalizer the longest distance between the 500m

The Materials can be measured :
1. Powder (plastic raw materials, iron powder, sodium sulfate, cement, vitamins, cocoa, alumina, iron ore powder, blue copper, coal, carbon black, potassium cyanate, flour, etc.)
2. Granular (a variety of cereals, salt, all kinds of fertilizers, beverages, wheat, sugar, glass, small beads, rubber crumbs, etc.)
3. Sheet (asbestos, corn flakes, tobacco, etc.)
4. Massive(synthetic rubber, magnesium ore, bauxite, limestone, etc.)
5. Pulp (refined copper in the pulp etc.)

Solid Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Technical Data :
1. Application range: including all conductive liquid such as fresh water, soft drinks and various corrosive liquid and solid- liquid two-phase fluid (slurry, pulp, etc)
2. Diameter : DN6-2000 (mm)
3. Nominal pressure : 0.6-40. MPa
4. Electrode material: stainless steel 316L , Hayne alloy C , Hayne alloy B, Titanium, tantalum and Tungsten Carbide
5. Lining material: FEP, Ne, Po, PTFE
6. Media temperature: -40-180
7. Shell material: carbon steel (stainless steel can also be used upon the requirements of the customer)
8. Protection class: IP65, IP67, Ip68
9. Connecting flange: GB9119 (can be directly connected with pipeline flange HG20593-1997
10. Working power: from converter

Flow Meters-Turbine

Turbine flow meters are designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous flow measurement applications. These flow meters for turbines are ideal for measuring any type of fluid. The design is simple and it includes abrasion resistant metal housing and rotor support. These flow meters maintain accuracy and mechanical integrity for longer period of time, due to their exclusive designing. The meters can also be used for corrosive and abrasive fluids. Flow meters can be used in following sectors:
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage / Distillery
  • Bottling
  • Oil / Refining
  • Chemical
  • Fertilizer
Flow Meters-TurbineFlow Meter-Turbine1

Flow Meters-Turbine

Tank Weigh Module With Loss In Weigh Indicator

Tank weigh module with loss in weigh indicator has streamlined design with a low-profile configuration and integrated construction. Tank weigh module is designed for maximization of space and minimization of installation time. Available in various capacities, these instruments deliver accurate results. Sturdy construction makes the tank weigh module capable to work even most demanding situations and corrosive environments. Conforming international quality standards, tank weigh module is supplied in least prices.
Tank Weigh Module

Tank Weigh Module With Loss In Weigh Indicator
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